TOPJOB® S Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks

Send a clear signal: Modern machine control systems can now be easily and conveniently wired via WAGO's new Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®.

New 8 - Channel Analog Output Module

The 8 - Channel analog output module 0 ... 10 V +/- 10 V impresses in three ways: by its functions, effective use of space in the control cabinet flanked by the price. Learn more about the 8 - AO I/O module

PFC200 controller with 3G modem

Three new variants of PFC200 enable long distance, wireless control and monotoring via GPRS and SMS

COMPACT splicing connectors for ALL wire types

Click here for more information about WAGO's 221 compact splicing connectors.

High-current terminal blocks

High-current terminal blocks for conductors cross-sections up to 185 mm2 connects single-wire, finely-stranded and pre-assembled conductors quickly and easily.

Relays and optocouplers

Relays and octocouplers are used everywhere where electrical signals must be transmitted and galvanic isolation, level adjustment or amplification are required. They are suitable for all industrial application.

WAGO Switches

The range of WAGO Switches ensures scalability of your network infrastructure outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics. UL approved

Power Supply System

Find more information about WAGO's Power Supplies and System Components here!

TOPJOBS - Push performance to the top

Rail-mounted terminal blocks wIth the reliability of Push-In CAGE CLAMP

Approvals overview

Approvals overview WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750/753

WAGO presents

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Information material

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221 Series The all-around connector

Company Video

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